PVC Compound Machine

PVC Compound Machine Manufacturer

PVC compound machine Manufacturer

HPMC industries include the elements of various polymers to be processed. PVC compound machine manufacturer consists of extruder, die, electronic screen changer, die face cutting system/water palletizer & pallets cooling unit.

HPMC industries PVC compound machine manufacturer also consists of patented design "MULTIDRIVE" system which assures an extended lifetime of gearbox and energy performance. Output ranges from 200 kg/hr. to 3000 kg/hr.

These devices are intended to assure optimum polymer flow through the die plate. The fast - clamp permits quick cleansing for reduced downtime. Die plates of nitride steel are obtainable in multiple designs to suit the material to be processed.

HPMC industries offer PVC compound machine manufacturers for PVC with hot die face cutting systems comprising pellet cutters with drive and safety guards, recirculating air systems, and insulated blowers. A variable frequency drive controls the cutting blade speed. The blades operate at reduced knife surface temperatures, thus preventing the decomposition of the material. RBE offers a water ring pelletizer & pallet cooling unit for polyolefin material.

Cut pellets are conveyed through stainless steel piping to the cooler, which includes a soothing cyclone to separate the shots from getting air and fumes. This machine is chilled on an inclined drilled stainless steel plate by forced air circulation generated by an AC air blower fitted to the machine's bottom. PVC compound machine manufacturer established the discharge vent having flexibility with interchangeable nets.

Some other Key application of this machine

  1. Plastic and polymer application
  2. Direct compounding
  3. PVC soft cable grade compounding
  4. Inline compounding
  5. Compression and injection moulding
  6. Film and sheet extrusion
  7. Within the production of masterbatches, natural and wood fibre composites, plastic alloys, etc.
  8. Recycling

Considering these features and applications, this is often a virtual machine to make compounds.

PVC compound machine Manufacturer
PVC compound machine Manufacturer