Plastic Recycling machine

Plastic recycling machine manufacturer

plastic recycling machine manufacturer

The plastic recycling machinery manufacturer is a two-stage Cascade Type recycling plant that holds dual screw diameter and forces feeder.

It can hold enough production capacity with unique designs like dual-diameter screws for reprocessing HD, RAFIA, PP, LD, Paper from waste. Such design minimizes or even eliminates the grinding, shredding, identification preparation functions.

Additionally, the combination of the higher feed capacity offers much economical and effective operation. The whole technique is based on the two-stage extrusion for smooth filtering.

Features of plastic recycling machinery manufacturer:                                                                             

Easy material feeding eliminating the need for pre-cutting.

The whole waste material enters the machine with the support of a nip roll feeder and belt converter, which works simultaneously. However, an additional silo tank can be added to feed or store pre-washed film flakes.

All in one direct recycling

The plastic recycling machinery manufacturer consolidates extrusion, cutting, and pelletizing into an effective and compact recycling line. When compared to the other recycling machines, the wholesome system eliminates the need for a separate crusher. Hence, the problem of inconsistent feeding can be easily removed.

Enhanced pellets quality

The stable material using hot die face Pelletier produced uniformed, round-shaped size pallets which are more in terms of value and proves optimal for production.

Enhanced production capacity

The addition of extruder or cutter compactor as a whole makes stable feeding even faster. The connected intruder is firmly attached and filled with pre-compacted material. This helps produce a much higher output compared to traditional or other outputs available in the market.

Benefits of the plastic recycling machinery manufacturer

  • Less energy consumption with higher production output.
  • Less investment cost for such durable machine
  • Faster delivery and installation.

Therefore, with such enhanced features, the plastic recycling machinery manufacturer even carries along with affordable pricing, making it a perfect buying option.

plastic recycling machine manufacturer
plastic recycling machine manufacturer