Plastic Pipe Machine

Plastic Pipe Machine Manufacturer

plastic pipe machine Manufacturer

The Machine arises With a production of large quantities. Our plastic Pipe Machines come with a good range of high-capacity plastic extruders with screws of different diameters.

HPMC industries are a good range of plastic Pipe Machine manufacturers, especially plastic pipe manufacturing.

It'll depend on the appliance of plastic pipes. The extruder has extremely excellent and innovative screw construction.

This screw is liable for super-quality pipe production at a low rejection rate.

Plastic Pipe Extrusion Devices come with solid design and construction. Plastic control in plastic Pipe making machine manufacturers is too impressive, giving high-end performance and easy work.

It is often wont to produce small diameter single wall corrugated pipe in PE/PVC and PP staple. Moulding corrugated Pipe smooth inside and out of doors surface and even ripple at just one occasion by the corresponding die. They are used as electricity pipe, washer drain pipe, and dust collector pipe, vent duct, etc. Small size corrugated pipes of 4-6.7mm are utilized in the car.

This plastic pipe machine is featured with a twin shaft high torque gearbox driven by a V belt and Solid with robust construction with tubular steel frame.

Specifications of this plastic pipe machine manufacturer are:

  1. Twin Shaft High Torque Gear Box driven by V belt
  2. Solid and robust construction with tubular steel frame
  3. Screw and Barrel with the newest design and were protection technology for an optimum span
  4. AC Vector Drive/Heating/Cooling System
  5. PID Digital Temperature Controllers
  6. High Accuracy

Some other unique features of this machine:

  1. It consumes low energy and saves the energy
  2. Uniform performance
  3. Low Maintenance
  4. the highest class staple utilized in the development of a machine
  5. High-grade screw barrel utilized in machine
  6. PID Temperature controllers
  7. PLC Intelligence system
  8. top quality die
plastic pipe machine Manufacturer
plastic pipe machine Manufacturer