HDPE Pipe Plant for manufacturing quality array of HDPE products

HPMC, known for making extensive range of extrusion machinery and products offers HDPE Pipe Plant system for producing various types of HDPE pipes and other utility products from HDPE (High-density polyethylene). HPMC HDPE pipe plant helps to produce small and large number of pipes within short span of time and period by the use of extrusion machinery technology as provided by HPMC.

Our HDPE Pipe Plant range is very efficient in extrusion of polyolefin plastics. With the plasticized capacity of about 175kg/hr to 600 kg/hr it provides easy operation, optimum performance, durability, low power consumption and corrosion resistance. Some important sections of our HDPE Pipe Plant range are Spiral Type Die head, Screw & Barrel, PLC Control System, Vacuum Tank, and Multiple Arm-Haul- off, Planetary Cutting Saw and Double / Single Station Coiler.

A self-explanatory brief to our HDPE Pipe Plant range is provided below :

  1. High Speed HDPE Pipe Plant
  2. Uses of HDPE Pipe
HDPE pipe plant  Manufacturer
HDPE pipe plant  Manufacturer

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