HDPE Pipe Machine

Product Description:

HDPE pipe machine manufacturer

HDPE pipe machine Manufacturer

The HDPE pipe machine manufacturer by HPMC is a kind of extrusion machine which produces a large variety of HDPE pipes and other sorts of products from the HDPE. The high-density polyethylene popularity known as HDPE is utilized and employed in multiple product utensils in several industries for various purposes.

A variety of HDPE pipes is made from high-grade steel, which develops effective tubes in max PIPE OD (mm) and min PIPE OD (mm). Additionally, high-speed HDPE pipes' capacity varies between 550kg per hour to 600kg let hour.

Section of High-speed HDPE pipe machine manufacturer:

Spiral type dies head

The low-pressure diagonal channel, which includes the spiral mixing part, ensures that the whole extrusion is done at a low temperature.

The presence of a spiral-type dies head makes sure you have a stable wall thickness of PE pipe even at the enhanced output.

PLC control system

There's availability for the whole set of PLC control systems, and with the presence of large crystal screens, the operations seem even more convenient.

Vacuum tank

The water spray unit outputs a higher speed spray vortex, which gains a higher cooling effect.

Screw and barrel

The barrel feeding zone is made up of hard alloy, and the screw adopts to a barrier-type mixing zone. As a result, higher output rates can be achieved by HDPE pipe machine manufacturers.

Features of HDPE pipe machine manufacturer

  1. Designed to ensure long life and durability.
  2. They are effectively developed for feasible operations and optimizing performance drastically.
  3. Highly energy effective machine which ensures low or minimal power consumption.
  4. PLC control system, Barrel and screw, and spiral Type Die Head, and even the other parts of this HDPE high-speed pipe are designed to release optimum results and higher productivity.
  5. Corrosion resistance

Keeping all such features in consideration, the individual can rely on the HDPE pipe machine manufacturer for attaining durability and output on a higher side.

HDPE pipe machine Manufacturer
HDPE pipe machine Manufacturer