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Cable Machinery Manufacturer

HPMC may be a very professional wire cable machinery manufacturer and customizer with over three decades of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing different wire cable machines. We've factories in India, Delhi mainly designing and producing other cable machine manufacturers like extrusion lines, high-speed single twisting machines suitable to bobbins of various diameters, double twist bunching machines suitable to bobbins starting from small size to large, and many more. Our workshop occupies a large area.

We have been producing NEW TYPE high-speed skip stranding machine/bow type stranding/twisting machine, double twist bunching machine for a long time. We have also exported many sets of machines to our overseas customers from different parts of India. We've been dedicated to making cable machines for over three decades; it's pretty sure that we will provide you with the simplest solution for the cable assembly line with the maximum competitive price and excellent service.

The wire cable machinery manufacturer consists of the fabric's elongation (copper wire, aluminum wire, aluminum alloy wire, etc.). Our machine is produced mechanically by pulling the wire through one or various dies by some wire cable machinery to scale back its diameter progressively. This transformation is administered with no loss of fabric. The precise weight of material that came into this machine at its inlet will start at the outlet in operation. Though the wire will be longer, it will reduce the wire's diameter during its transformation.

Those cables widely used in

  1. Fishing line
  2. Suture line
  3. Jacquard harness cords
  4. Mobile phone lanyard
  5. Earphone cable
  6. Racket line
  7. Fashion
  8. Accessories rope
  9. Dental floss

Considering all of these requirements, HPMC can manufacture the machine you dream of. Those machines are efficient and effective for even the heaviest of the loads.

 cable machine manufacturer
 cable machine manufacturer